Services on board :

What is the Escort Premium Service ?

Handling of the luggage. Escort of the client to the detax desk or any other formal proceedings. Handling of the luggage up to the client’s home.
Escort Premium Service

When can i opt for the Escort Premium Service ?

Even if it’s possible to require this service after you arrived at your destination (depending on the driver’s availabilities), it is best to choose this option when you’re putting your booking order.
It is the guarantee that you’ll benefit from the service.

How much luggage is it possible to bring in a car ?

The vehicles are suited for 4 pieces of luggage (cabin luggage) or 2 large size luggage.

Who are the drivers ? How are they selected ?

Our drivers are carefully selected among the best to guarantee you the best quality of service and keeps delivering it with each ride. Our drivers are trained by a team of professionals to the rules of the Grande Remise and premium service requirements.

Is there any specific equipments or services on board the KEEMDELUXE vehicles ?

KEEMDELUXE offers quality transportation at the right price. You will find in all of our cars :
IPad on demand and in free access (with international digital media access).
Mains sockets and chargers for smartphones.
Baby seats and child safety (upon availability).

If I leave something in one of your vehicles, is it possible to easily retrieve it ?

Our driver is required to check the car after they drove their passengers, to make sure the client hasn’t left any personal item. Therefore, we can easily find the owner of any forgotten item when necessary.

Can we give ratings for the quality of service ?

After each ride, you have the possibility to rate the service you have been given (vehicle cleanliness, driving, behavior, friendliness of the driver). You can also add a comment on our site with the help of the Observation / Claim form, under the About You tab. We read the comments and respond to them as quickly as possible. They are factored into our process to improve the quality of the KEEMDELUXE service.

Do you provide child safety seats ?

We supply baby-seats and child safety seats upon availability. The service is free of charge.

Can the driver turn me down and deny me access to the vehicle ?

In exceptional cases, the driver can refuse to take passenger over.
For example :
The number of passengers exceeds the vehicle capacity.
The client is in a blatant state of drunkenness.
The client is aggressive and presents a danger for the physical safety of the driver.In the event of you needing to bring a pet, small dogs are usually accepted in all our vehicles. However, we advise you to get in touch with the driver when booking a ride if your pet is a large breed (ex : labrador). His presence needs to be pre-approved by the driver.

I can’t find an answer to my question !

Send us a message. Our customer service will be responding shortly. You will receive an answer within one business day. If necessary, Basic Service is maintained over the weekend.
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