Private chauffeur in Rennes

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Private Chauffeur Services throughout France, available 24/7 and 7 days a week. To book a private chauffeur in Rennes, at any time and any day, please go to the following link: You can also reach us on 01 48 02 47 87.

Why should you book a private chauffeur in Rennes?

Rennes is the main city of the region of Brittany. Located in the Ile-et-Vilaine department, the city of Rennes offers several activities to those who spend some time there. The historical center is remarkable for its half-timbered buildings… There are old buildings whose facades are not quite straight! Rennes is also the seat of the Parliament of Brittany. This building has housed the Rennes Court of Appeal since the 19th century. Among the ideas for visits to do in Rennes, the old stones are an important tourist attraction. We think in particular of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral or the Opera. Culturally, it is pleasant to stroll at the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Brittany and Breton Culture. If the weather is fine, the Thabor Park offers more than 10 hectares of greenery, where vegetation enthusiasts can admire a remarkable botanical garden. Of course, cafés, bars, and restaurants are present across the city and offer a simple and delicious cuisine. Are you passing through for a short stay in Rennes? Are you on site for several days ? Whatever your reason for coming to Rennes, you might need a private chauffeur to simplify the logistics of your time spent there. Likewise, you might want to go to Saint-Malo, Fougères or Vitré for excursions under the colors of Breton heritage… Your private chauffeur will transport you from the different sites, by guaranteeing you safety, comfort, punctuality, and discretion.

The benefits of a private chauffeur in Rennes

As performance, security, puctuality, and comfort go hand in hand, this explains why hiring a private chauffeur is the ideal solution. Your trips between Rennes and its surroundings are easy to book. Do you want to plan your trip a long time before D-day or do you have a hectic schedule ? You can book your car up to an hour before your pick-up.

A private chauffeur in Rennes : your needs associated to our « à la carte » answer

Our ambition? Answer 100% to the needs of our passengers. You are looking for an elegant and comfortable vehicle, this can be found in our fleet. However, if your request concerns a spacious means of transportation, we have vehicles adapted to your specific requests. Si en revanche votre demande concerne un moyen de transport spacieux, tout aussi confortable et sécuritaire, nous disposons de véhicules adaptés à ces requêtes. As a private driving service company, we cater to both private customers and professionals. Our private chauffeurs adapt to all types of passengers. The exemplary nature of our services is a guarantee of reliability and the promise of long-lasting collaborations.