Private chauffeur in Lyon

For any last-minute reservation and for any unspecified journey, please contact us on +33 6 45 89 34 76

Your driving service provider is available throughout France: to book your private chauffeur in Lyon, dial the number 01 48 02 47 87 or get to the following web page: Our services are available 24/7 and 7 days a week.

Why should you book a private chauffeur in Lyon?

At the crossroads of Rhone and Saone Rivers, Lyon is a huge city where it is good to stroll. Between cultural activities (Museum of Fine Arts, Opera, Lumière Institute, Célestins Theater…), shopping, gastronomy, and sporting activities, you must have a proper organization for your transportation. Surely, the city offers a public transportation service. However, calling on a private chauffeur is the most comfortable and suitable solution to get from one point to another. Your private chauffeur is flexible, at your entire disposal, with your safety and well-being as his major concerns: he will take you wherever you want. Have you planned a shopping day with your girlfriends? Do you go to a specific event which will inevitably prevent you from taking your own car because of its festive connotation (e.g. bachelor/bachelorette party)? Be assured and confident to sail wherever you want in good company.

The benefits of a private chauffeur in Lyon

A great freedom of movement is among the many qualities that can be mentioned when considering the services of a private chauffeur. By going from a point A to a point B, you can manage your emails, answer important calls, organize your schedule, sip a cup of coffee… Optimization is the key word in the services of a private chauffeur. If your presence must remain discreet when you come to Lyon, we do everything we can to offer you tranquility without compromising your autonomy. Your private chauffeur in Lyon will be committed to providing you a unique experience while constantly emphasizing your safety. Also, your private chauffeur has many tools which make it easier for you to use our services. Indeed, our IT systems are connected to the airport flight schedules. If you call on our services for a return transfer to or from the airport, we can plan the perfect timing to welcome you when you get off your plane.

Private chauffeur in Lyon: punctuality and serenity

It is a fact that punctuality is an inseparable part of our business. But beyond this purely practical aspect, we want to offer a unique experience to our customers who are in our vehicles. Our chauffeurs are rigorously selected to suit all types of people. This coincides with a lot of different expectations from passengers. If you want to exchange with your private chauffeur, he will happily talk to you. However, if you want to listen to something in particular, or enjoy a quiet and hushed moment, everything is possible. Finally, we study each booking request with the utmost care. Each passenger is unique and our mission is to also offer you a unique trip.