How do you calculate the cost of the rides ?

The price is calculated according to the predicted distance only. The price does not vary according to the day of your ride and the time needed to take you to your destination (traffic jam). If our driver changes the itinerary to avoid an accident, the price will not change either.

Does the reservation well in advance generate an additional cost ?

No, it is possible to book in advance and it does not lead to additional fees to the estimated cost of the ride.

Can I cancel an order I confirmed ?

You have the possibility to cancel the ride without additional charges to up to 10 minutes following your order. Beyond this deadline, a 12€ flat rate will be billed to you, as compensation for the driver who would miss other orders or would already be on the road.
If you fail to cancel and don’t answer our calls, the total cost of the ride as well as the 10 minutes waiting time (0,50€ / min) will be billed.

What if I made a mistake when booking a ride or wish to change the destination address ?

Two options are available for you to modify your order :
You can cancel the order within 10 minutes without any further charge and make another reservation again.
After 10 minutes you can wait for the chauffeur and change the destination once on board of the car (depending of the new destination, extra charges are possible).

When should the payment be provided ?

When you make a reservation online on our website or in cash to the driver before the beginning of the ride. Because of the attitude of a specific clientele and for the sake of saving time at the end of the ride, the payment in cash will take place before the start of the ride. The client as well as the driver will have had the same message soon after the reservation, mentioning the amount due for the transaction.

How is the waiting time billed at the airports and train stations ?

We apply the real arrival time at the airports and train stations. We automatically take into account a 30 minutes wait from the landing time of your flight or the arrival of the train to the station. The extra waiting time exceeding 30 minutes will be charged (0,50€ / min).

I use several credit cards (professional, personal, etc.), can I choose the card I want to be charged ?

You can indeed enter the bank information you prefer in the reservation form.

Is the price varying depending on the number of people ?

We don’t charge any extra fees for any additional passengers, as well as additional luggage. Thus, the final cost will be the same, whatever the number of passengers is. Within the constraints of the available seats and the reserved vehicle.

Does the price vary according to the travel time ?

The cost of the ride fixed, whatever the time of travel and is stated when booking. Thus, there are no bad surprises at the end of the ride.

Are there any additional approach expenses ?

We don’t charge for the approach expenses. Thus, the the position of the driver does not impact the cost of the ride.

I can’t find an answer to my question !

Send us a message. Our customer service will be responding shortly. You will receive an answer within one business day. If necessary, Basic Service is maintained over the weekend.
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