Paris is the hotspot of Parisian chic and a choice setting for haute couture brands and high-end leather goods. In other words, the showcase of French luxury and know-how.

Between palaces, luxury brands, haute couture and renowned restaurants, everything evokes splendor and elegance, if you are looking for an exceptional gift to offer your loved ones, the quintessence of luxury and french refinement are reaching out to you.

This requires seriousness, involvement, a high degree of professional investment, a quest for perfection demonstrated by the guarantors of tradition made in France wich arouses the admiration of the whole world and still contributes to the legend brands.

It is well known that Paris is the fashion capital of the world ! This is justified in particular through the many haute couture stores in the city of light. All the major brands are represented there.

Some shopping good spots :

Bohemian shopping between Pigalle and Abesses, chic from Sevres-Babylone to Saint-Germain des Prés, trendy in the upper and lower Marais.


The golden Triangle is the district formed by Avenue Montaigne, the Champs Elysées and Avenue Georges V. It is undeniably the high place of luxury in the capital. In the heart of the 8th arrondissement, the Golden Triangle is a luxury setting. The perfect destination for exceptional shopping !


Haute couture… All the major luxury brands in Paris have a boutique in this avenue or the adjoining streets. It is an essential place for French haute couture. It is in the famous avenue Montaigne that we find the greatest density of designer boutiques, a street dedicated to luxury. We sometimes come accross big stars there.


The most beautiful avenue in the world offers a large selection of luxury boutiques. They are mainly located in the upper part of the Champs Elysées (near the Arc de Triomphe). Most of the shops are located to the right of the avenue, when you turn your back on the Arc de Triomphe. In Avenue Georges V, you will find even more high-end boutiques.


With their famous luxury brands and high-end products, these squares are part of Paris international reputation. Some say that Paris is magical, it is obvious that Paris is the epicenter of global chic where many hosts and hostesses will be able to guide you and accompany you with professionalism and a smile