Your well-being, our priority

KEEMDELUXE LIMOUSINES is at your disposal 24/24 and 7/7.

Accomagnement Premium
Our drivers really care about your well-being and will do everything to meet your requests such as: radio/music preferences, air-conditioning, driving style, route preferences, etc. Tell us your wishes, we will make them come true.

Ce service n'a qu'un seul objectif, vous donner accès au confort et à la tranquillité d'esprit que vous désirez .

This offer is suitable for anyone who may need occasional assistance to deal with certain situations. 
Here are some examples:
Luggage pick-up at the train stop. From the train car to the vehicle reserved for you in the parking lot or to your home.
We will take care of the luggage from the parking lot to the check-in counter , weight it before the hold and lead you through the boarding area. We will accompany the customer to the tax refund office and assist you with any other procedure.
After a shopping trip or a day of shopping , having someone to help you can be a great help.


a dedicated person at your service

A personalized accompaniment for your trips or travels.

For some, arriving at the airport is a source of anxiety or a waste of time. This may be the case especially for foreign visitors for many reasons. Our VIP system, with a professional welcome at aiports and train stations, protects you from all this. This is a top-range- service that makes every effort to ensure that your arrival takes place in the best conditions.

For example, for arrival we assist you from the door of the plane to the driver who is waiting for you outside, and for departure, the hosts and hostesses accompany you from the check-in hall to the boarding door. Our agents allow you to register more quickly and will get you through the control and security service in record time.

In summary, KEEMDELUXE LIMOUSINES has the solution that makes your life easier and saves you considerable time.
For any event (birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, Valentine's Day etc.)
KEEMDELUXE LIMOUSINES, offers you its luxury vehicles, on board which you will live an exceptional moment.
Do you dream of a remarkable arrival in a luxury vehicle? Would you like a VIP outing with friends that is simply unforgettable?
KEEMDELUXE LIMOUSINES puts at your disposal a fleet of high quality cars.

VIP treatment of each passenger, Safety of passengers and luggage, Eco- responsible driving, Speak French and English, Driving flexibility.
All our services are oriented so that our customers receive the level of service and quality they deserve. Our top-of-the-range services are dedicated to companies and individuals when traveling for business or tourism.
Choose from all our offers and contact us for a quote. We are at your disposal and an answer will reach you quickly.
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