Simplicity and Efficiency

The quality of service,
the time saving,
the anticipation…

We put our clients
at the center of our business.

KEEMDELUXE Keemdeluxe offers a simple way to quickly and efficiently reserve a vehicle in a few clicks.


Make a bespoke Reservation Request
by accessing to a dedicated and secured area.

To log in or to register,
please click on :




An imminent departure ?
1 TICKET & GO is the solution for you.

You contact us at the number mentioned above
to put your request.
We ask you a few questions via text messaging.
Your vehicle is reserved within a few minutes.

1 Ticket & Go conditions :

The payment is made in cash or via the secure app LYDIA.

You will absolutely have to answer our questions to the form via phone text message.

In case of absence at the scheduled appointment, the client still remains liable for the payement of the ride.

There is a 30 minutes waiting time to be expected between the reservation and the start of the ride.

Access the Contact section below for further information.